Rare Van Gogh paintings found in artist’s studio!

“Vincent’s Chair” Oil on Canvas, 30″ x 40″
Painted by Kathy Morawski

At one point in my artist life I was so greatly inspired by Vincent Van Gogh it actually was more of an obsession. I had studied every Van Gogh painting in every art book I could find, read the volume of Vincent’s letters and even went as far as going to Amsterdam to visit the Van Gogh Museum. While at the museum I had a surreal encounter with one of his paintings of a cherry blossom tree where the contrasting colors literally made the painting vibrate and seem alive. There was also a long glass case that held a display of Vincent’s sketch books and charcoal drawings. Looking closer, I was in awe seeing his smudged fingerprints on some of the pages! He truly left his mark on them, and me!

Upon my return home I read that a celebrity had just purchased one of his paintings for $12 million. What are the odds that I and many others could even think of having a Van Gogh painting in our own home? Thus my “Van Gogh Forgery Series” was born! I analyzed the colors he used, the thickness of paint, his brushstrokes and recreated them as close as I could, even painting on canvases the same size as his originals and signing them as he had done! And similar to museums loaning out paintings for exhibitions, my Van Goghs went out on loan to be exhibited in NY. OK, so they were actually used for staging a New Yorker’s residence for sale, but it did sell!

“Portrait of a Peasant” Oil on Canvas,
22″ x 28″ Painted by Kathy Morawski

The two paintings shown here from my forgery series were recently returned to me after playing their home staging role, and as much as I love them, I am overwhelmed with studio space issues. They’ve spent too long being in the closest or out on loan and they deserve a new permanent home. As part of my “Old art to good new homes” project, they are being offered to my collectors on eBay at an incredible special savings. If you love Van Gogh, it’s a great way to save millions and own one of these forgeries at a heck of a deal! If you’re not an eBay user you can directly connect with me here if you have any questions.

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2 Responses to Rare Van Gogh paintings found in artist’s studio!

  1. The chair initially fooled me! great work!

    • Thank you Linda! I actually had a book that included x-rays of famous paintings, dissections and analysis of paints used, how the artists worked, etc. It was very helpful in making these forgeries!

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