The Last Quarter Horse

Original Quarter Horse Maquette Sculpture by Kathy Morawski.
Photo by Walter Gilligan.

The Quarter Horse is now “officially” retired. The Trail of Painted Ponies retired my Quarter Horse design several years ago but I still had a limited number of editions to offer collectors so it didn’t feel retired to me. But my signed ornaments and 9″ figurines had long since sold out and I am now offering, correction – I just sold my LAST ever signed 6″ Quarter Horse figurine. It’s a bit bittersweet being at an end of an era and I’m reminded of the words someone told me: “Don’t forget to thank the horse you rode in on.” So, an overwhelming big thank you to the Quarter Horse. And an even bigger thank you to the Quarter Horse fans and friends I’ve made over the years from all over the world. It’s been an amazing ride. While “retiring” the Quarter Horse may seem bittersweet, it’s not really over. Someone else told me: “Every horse afterward continues to carry on the spirit and expands on it”. The Quarter Horse may be retired, but its spirit and story isn’t over yet. It feels like it has only just begun…

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