Someone Stole My Art!

Not as in someone copied my idea or design, but thieves literally broke into the home of one of my collectors over the past weekend and stole one of my horse artworks!

I’d received a despondent message from a long time collector friend saying a horse piece was gone and while she and her family were stressed, they were safe. A little while later she informed me that the horse was recovered, found along with other stolen jewelry items, all apparently dropped during a hasty getaway. I was flattered how happy she was that the horse was found unharmed, but I still can’t imagine how she and her family, especially her young son, are feeling having their home, their private sacred space, so carelessly strewn apart and violated. We just agreed how grateful we are that everyone is OK and hope all the prints the detectives lifted will help catch the thieves and recover more stolen items.

I’ve never had artwork of mine stolen before and according to a recent article Picasso holds the record for being the most stolen artist:

Top stolen artists with # of missing pieces:
1) Pablo Picasso – 1,147
2) Nick Lawrence – 557
3) Marc Chagall – 516
4) Karel Appel – 505
5) Salvador Dali – 505
?) Kathy Morawski – 1 (now recovered)

We artists have all heard the saying that when someone copies your work it’s really the sincerest form of flattery, but what about when someone literally steals your art work out of another’s home? It’s twisted, but that’s quite a compliment too, no?

But stealing is never cool, whether ideas, art or words.


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