Do you love your horse more than your spouse?


A horse whispering moment with my buddy Skip.

The question no one dares ask! And why are women so obsessed with horses?

Author Melissa Holbrook Pierson, states these facts in her book, Dark Horse and Black Beauties: 80% of the United States Pony Club’s 14,000 members are girls. A survey by British magazine Gallop! found that 75% of horse owning women would rather give up their husbands than their horses and 90% would rather have a new horse than a new baby. Wow. Does this mean it’s easier to find a good horse than a good man? I’m not married but I can’t imagine being in a position of choosing between my husband or my horses. Why can’t women have both?

If someone has never had a special bond with a horse, it’d probably be difficult to understand. Over the years I’ve known both horse crazy women and just crazy horse women. There’s a big difference! For me, besides inspiring my art, my horses are teachers for living in the moment, helping me believe in myself and instilling more self confidence. We share a deep mutual bond and we have fun too!

I wonder if men wonder about their standing among their spouse’s steeds? Interestingly, the majority of my horse portrait drawings are commissioned by men as gifts for their wives/girlfriends/significant others. Each one of these men told me afterward they loved being told it was one of the most thoughtful gifts they’ve ever given. So guys, if your woman loves her horse, I can help you give her a special gift that will be treasured for a lifetime! (Ladies, if you want to reserve one for yourself or a horsey friend, that’s cool too!) More examples of portrait drawings can be seen here. Commissions can be easily obtained at my Etsy shop or if you rather contact me directly & mention this blog post to receive a 10% savings, contact me here.

Don’t just take my word for it, it’s a fact, a real way to a woman’s heart can be through her horse!


Horse portrait drawings. © Kathy Morawski.


New 3D Portrait drawings now available at Mystic Mare Etsy shop. (Click on photo)

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