The Trail ride isn’t over…


Original Quarter Horse Maquette Sculpture by Kathy Morawski. Photo by Walter Gilligan

I began my Trail of Painted Ponies ride with the Quarter Horse, followed by a herd of one-of-a-kind custom Painted Ponies. The ride isn’t over, but change is in the air…

Selection of steampunk & armor theme custom Painted Ponies by Kathy Morawski

Selection of steampunk & armor theme custom Painted Ponies by Kathy Morawski

Being detail oriented and extremely picky about the quality of my high end custom one-of-a-kind Painted Ponies, I’ve created most of them on the original running horse forms manufactured by Westand in 2005. After Enseco took over the manufacturing of the blank forms, I had hunted done and bought cases of the original Westland blank ponies where ever I could find them. They were rare and more costly, but better proportioned and of higher quality than the newer Enesco versions. It feels bittersweet that now, many custom ponies later, I am down to the final last ones.


Last rare original blank pony forms for OOAK Painted Pony customs

Shown below are the last two of my most rare blank forms available for custom Painted Pony commissions. If interested in reserving a one-of-a-kind custom, contact me, because after these are gone, that’s it! (I’ll still be able offer custom Trail of Painted Ponies but they will be on the newer Enesco based forms.)

And the ride goes on…

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