Military Horse in Top 10!


Exciting News!

My design entry for the Trail of Painted Ponies Military Horse Art Competition was chosen as a Top 10 finalist! Out of over 100 entries, only 10 were chosen and online voters from around the world are now voting until Thursday Oct. 31 to select the final winner! I didn’t even realize I was in the Top 10 until someone had posted congratulations on my Facebook page. I was afraid to believe it at first and thought if they were teasing me, I would have to hurt them! So I’m excited!

The Competition also benefits two wonderful organizations,  Horses4Heroes and TAPS  (Tragedy Assistance Program for Survivors) that are dedicated to providing support to veterans & their families. It’s a true honor being a part of this!

I’ve had a life long horse armor obsession and many of my custom Painted Ponies are armored steampunk horses, so designing a Military Horse was something that resonated with me. I created my design to look as it’s made of metal, and dimensional, similar to how my Quarter Horse was, with the colors resembling enamel, such as found on military medals. Called “Past & Present”, it’s dedicated to my late father and other vets as well as to those currently serving. I hope you like and will vote for it! It could be crafted into a figurine in the future and would be a great companion pony to the Quarter Horse!

Online voting runs through Thursday, October 31 so vote now!
My design is:
“Past & Present”
By Kathy Morawski
Click here to vote for it!

Thank you! – Kathy

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3 Responses to Military Horse in Top 10!

  1. Nice! *cheers and throws confetti* I hope you win.

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