Early Bird Horse Head Wreath Savings!

Horsehead Wreath

My festive Friesian inspired Horse Head Wreaths made with fresh REAL pine!

It’s never too early to get a head start on the holidays! Due to the overwhelming response these fresh pine wreaths generated last year, for this year I’m creating all nonperishable parts ahead of time. That way I won’t be as overloaded as I was last year and can supply the wreaths a little earlier in the season to you guys!

I know many of you are sick of snow and aren’t thinking of Christmas right now but since this will help me organize more efficiently I will offer everyone who reserves a wreath now that they will get it at last year’s price! So all deposits received now will guarantee a wreath at last year’s price and wreaths will start shipping in late Nov. through Dec. to last throughout the entire winter season. The horse wreath I hung on my front door last November still looks as good now! I can only make a limited number of wreaths and these completely SOLD OUT FAST last year and WILL cost more if you wait until the fall to order — IF I still have any available then! To avoid disappointment, early orders are highly recommended! For more info and to reserve your wreath(s) contact me below:

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