Reserve Holiday Horse Head Wreaths Now!

Horse Head Wreaths Horsehead

It’s that time of year again! Christmas isn’t that far off and pre-order reservations are already being taken on Horse Head Wreaths for the holidays!

Last year many customers were disappointed when my Horse Head Wreaths had already been sold out by the time they tried to place an order. Both my live and artificial pine handcrafted wreaths always sell out fast as I can only make a limited number of them. To guarantee wreaths for yourself or as Christmas gifts this year it is highly recommended to reserve your orders now here or at my Mystic Mare Etsy shop here. Early reservations made now are also currently at last year’s prices! Any orders that may be left to be accepted later in the fall will be at the new higher 2015 prices. So save time, money and hassle and guarantee your horse head wreaths that will arrive in plenty of time for the holidays. Note: live pine wreaths will start shipping fresh in mid/late Nov. through Dec. so they last throughout the holiday season!

Both live and artificial pine wreath orders sell out early so reserve yours now here!

Don’t be fooled by imitators, these are the ORIGINAL and my SAME popular Friesian inspired wreaths that were featured on Counter-Canter Culture’s website and on the cover of Northwest Rider Magazine! As a professional equine artist, I have been making these for years and handcraft each wreath myself with the high quality standards my customers expect (and deserve!)

New this year are my limited edition Designer Deluxe artificial pine wreaths featuring additional greens, metallic gold painted pine cones, red berries, and deluxe heavyweight ribbon loaded with shimmering embroidery, sparkling sequins, beads and jewels. I’m in love with this exquisite ribbon! (Updated Note Nov. 2015: I now only have a few of these limited edition luxury deluxe wreaths left, so don’t wait, order yours here before they are gone!)

Ribbon Horse Head Wreath Kathy Morawski

Luxury ribbon used on my Designer Deluxe artificial pine Horse Head wreaths!

Don’t miss out this year for the holidays! I can only make a limited number of live and artificial pine Horse Head Wreaths and they always sell out early — so reserve yours now!

Christmas will be here before you know it! May it be a happy horsey holiday!

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