Welcome to my world!

I’m known for creating art with an emphasis on equine subjects, heart shaped rocks and unusual mixed media techniques. Join me in exploring as I use art and words to celebrate the love of horses and other magical things!


2018 Limited Edition Wreaths are now being reserved!

Horse Head Wreaths HorseheadDon’t wait! Friesian inspired Horse Head Wreaths are always sold out before the holidays! Reserve your 2018 wreaths now directly from me here!

Cta Wreath Mystic Mare Kathy MoraBecause barn cats rock too! Limited Edition artificial pine Cat Wreaths are now shipping! Reserve your 2018 wreaths now here!


And don’t forget that my exclusive Holiday note cards are now available too here! These are GREAT to send to horse lovers, trainers, barn owners, vets, and more! Cards can also be framed as 5″ x 7″ artwork!

01 frontSM

MilitaryHorseKMMy design entry for the Trail of Painted Ponies Military Horse Art
Competition was announced the first place winner! Named
“Past & Present”, my horse is dedicated to my late father,
other vets and those currently serving. 

“The Lord of All Horses” by Kathy Morawski, hand carved 10″ x 22.5″ x 1.5″.  Limited Edition originals. Click photo for more info.

Love Rocks plaques featuring heart shaped rocks by Kathy Morawski

“Love Rocks” plaques featuring inspirational words and natural found heart shaped rocks.

Custom Horse and Dog Portrait Drawings by Kathy Morawski

Graphite portraits by Kathy Morawski


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  1. Marc Black says:

    Love this site. Love the love in the art.

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