Trail of Painted Ponies


My design entry for the Trail of Painted Ponies Military Horse Art
Competition was announced the first place winner!
“Past & Present”, my horse is dedicated to my late father,
other vets and those currently serving.

I’ve been an official artist of The Trail of Painted Ponies since 2003, starting with the “Quarter Horse”, which is now a retired highly sought after collectible.

Original Quarter Horse Maquette Sculpture, Photo by Walter Gilligan

Currently I create exclusive one-of-a-kind custom Painted Ponies that have found wonderful new homes in collections worldwide. I can create a special custom Painted Pony for your collection as well! (See contact form at bottom to send me a note about making your own custom pony!) Some examples of my custom ponies include:

“The Midas Touch” created using vintage jewelry

“Armored Steampunk (Time)” created using watch parts

“Bits & Bytes” created using computer parts

“Chinese Cinnabar” custom re-sculpted and carved

“Angel” custom modified and re-sculpted

“Armored Black Beauty” custom created using shoe parts and beads

“Armored Steampunk” custom created using hardware parts

5 Responses to Trail of Painted Ponies

  1. Those are insanely amazing!

  2. imegafon says:

    wow, I cant imagine what a time it took you to get this good at this! I am absolutely not the artist to do fine, small-detailed work like this. I mean I can be precise with a raggy brush and with a small one, but this is just beyond what I can practice. Great !

    • Thank you for your comment! Yes, it takes a while but I like to think it’s worth it! It’s funny, sometimes I wish I was more like the loose and expressive artists, but something about the ponies makes me get all detail obsessive!

  3. DaVid Helper says:

    Amazing work! And your pencil work is a spectacle of detail! Thank you and Bobbi for making my day!

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